5 deserted island essentials


The classic list that no one would have at the time needed since we don’t plan to be alone on a deserted island. However, I thrive on creativity and expression, but I’m a soft-skinned animal so I would want:

1. A deep well that desalinates the sea;

2.  Identification guide for land and sea flora & fauna to identify edibles and the like;

3. Everlasting all-UV protective sunglasses;

4. Clothing made from fabric like tencil or multilayered silk* to last for decades;

5. A first aid kit that could supply a hospital, including morphine for a comfortable transition at life’s end;

A list I hope no one would ever need…except as an outward bound experience in which case I’d want:

a camera with a long battery and lots of memory; a journal; a space pen with refills; a knife; three glass bottles for water desalination.

* (Silk is so strong that it is used as body armor…as I remember, it takes 50 layers to stop a bullet)


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