5 haiku


Waiting crazes when

cancer’s in lymph’s slow slide like

fish about to spawn.


LISTEN–I thought for

words; instead, for music in

voices, steps, breath–now.


Pinch me, I’m happy!

Chemo’s eclipsing our lives

yet sky’s blue, birds sing.


Outside eight bluebirds:

two too young for blue learning

from blues bright as sun.


Your soft snore shores my

sleep and my wake, reassures

me we’re here, alive.


haiku catchoo!


115 thoughts on “5 haiku

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    • Thank you, Julie. If you want to read more of my writing, please go to my “about” page. I didn’t want to post these haiku on my regular blog since not everyone who knows me knows about the cancer; a post seemed an insensitive way for them to learn.

      Kudos on your haiku response!!

    • Angie, your haiku captures the shock so well, and I’m so sorry. Thank you for getting the blue…may your outcome reflect the silver you see. To your health and strength and happiness.

    • Thank you for the sharing of the wonderful haiku. I especially enjoyed and appreciated the last stanza … There is something wonderfully comforting about the soft snore of the one lying next to you …

      • Thank you so much…and I’m glad you get what I mean about the comfort of one’s soft snore. Peace.

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